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New Around Here
Hello everyone.
I've been out of the game for years, so apologies in advance because I am not as informed as I used to be.

I've been running an ASUS RT-N66U flashed with John's fork of the Asus-wrt Merlin firmware.

A good friend just passed along his R7000 to me. I am not very familiar with this unit, but if it has more balls than the RT-N66U I wouldn't be opposed to flashing a custom firmware on it and start using it.

Any thoughts and/or suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


Part of the Furniture
I'm not sure if @Voxel makes a firmware for your model, if he has, that is what I would flash.


Part of the Furniture
Reset the unit your friend passed on and let someone else use it 'as-is' (after you do a full factory reset, of course).


New Around Here
FreshTomato works great on my R7000.
Thanks for pointing me to that firmware! Based on their compatibility page, I think I might very well have the first version of the RT-N66U with a single core 600MHz CPU, as opposed to the Dual Core 1GHz version. This would make the R7000 an upgrade, since it's 1GHz Dual Core.

I'll do some more research and likely give FreshTomato a try. Thanks!

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