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Asus to Asus routers cant seem to filter out VPN

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New Around Here
I have been banging my head against the wall trying to configure this.

I am using 2 routers, on is running a VPN the other I want to be VPN free. I thought it would be easy with the Astrill applet filtering, but it just doesnt seem to work.

Here is the setup,

1st router =
Asus RT-N66u with Merlin 380.70,
VPN active.

2nd router =
Asus RT-N56u running Padvan of some variety,
addressed (fixed address cabled to the 1st routers lan)

Everytime I add the 2nd routers info to the device filters in #1 routers Astrill applet, the 2nd router just gets completely cut off the internet. Ive tried all kinds of different settings and methods and just cant seem to get the 2nd router excluded from the VPN.

In the past I had set up the first router as the non-vpn and the 2nd router as the VPN router and this was pretty easy, but the VPN speeds suffered from going through the N56u. So Im trying to switch them so that I can get better speeds from the VPN router. Its primarily used and the non VPN is just for certain sites that require non VPN.
If what you are trying to accomplish is having any device connecting to router 2 connect to the WAN directly, NO VPN then your setup should be as follows:

1. Router 2 double NATed behind router 1. Connected LAN - WAN.
2. On router 1 use policy routing and list as WAN.
3. Again using policy routing, if you are not using static IP for devices on router 1 then you can try using CIDR ranges to specify which IPs should be routed through the tunnel. By default devices not included in the range will use the WAN. I would still separately list the IP of the second router as WAN.
Thanks for the reply.

I tried all kinds of settings around what you said and just couldnt get it working. I did finally get to see some progress when I threw that n56u router out my 7th story window. About 30 or 40 meters distance, not bad.

Then I just set the 2.4 wifi up for VPN and set the 5.0 for non-vpn. Works good enough and I dont have to monkey with this garbage any longer.

Thanks for your help and time.
Then I just set the 2.4 wifi up for VPN and set the 5.0 for non-vpn.

How did you do that on RT-N66U router?
Also, this router has a very weak CPU to run VPN. You can get about 5Mbps speed if using OpenVPN.

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