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ASUS TUF-AX4200 vs TP-Link Archer AX55

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New Around Here
Wi-Fi for 5 bedroom home + basement (4500 + 2500 sq ft)
Cat 6 points in most rooms.

Presently, 3x routers + a modem with each having an ethernet connection.

1x Archer C7 top floor
1x Bell Modem middle floor (switching to Distributel)
2x Archer C7 on either side of basement.
Plan is to hook the new modem up to a switch.

Then I can place a router centrally in the main floor.
Main deadspots are corners of basement, upper floor, backyard & garage.
Higher throughout of AX vs AC should resolve most of this.
At a minimum I just need 5ft more coverage than what I have.
Ideally, I can replace some of the extra routers, but not required.

With a budget of about $150 some of the options I've found in Canada:

Archer AX55 for $100 CAD (amazon)
Asus TUF-AX4200 for $120 (staples)
D-Link DIR-X3260 for $80 (amazon)

No problems installing 3rd party firmware.
The Archer's AVIVO gives me security concerns.
Not sure if it's better than the ASUS, but those seem like the 2 options below 200.

Going to hop on Netspot & make a heatmap - will update thread when done.

Claims the 2.4ghz speed is low.
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As I told you in your other thread a single budget class router is unlikely to cover this house.

What is Archer's AVIVO? If you are thinking about HomeShield - the same as Asus's AiProtection.
The Archer C7 almost did Tbh.
Also, I'm OK with keeping the other routers.

I just need this to reach out to the end of the garage - so literally 4 feet more.

Yeah, Archer home shield was supposedly sending data even when off.

All I'm looking at is which of the two has better range. The Asus or the Tp Link.
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There is no much of a choice for CAD150. I would try Archer AX55 first. HomeShield is TrendMicro engine. It activates with multiple firmware features. On the Archer it's an optional subscription service. Must be off by default. On the Asus it's built in. It will start collecting data the moment you activate Adaptive QoS, Web History, Traffic Analyzer, Apps Analyzer, AiProtection and on some models Game Boost (still QoS). Also off by default. It's the same thing basically with different marketing.
That much sq ft you should stay with multiple devices (or mesh).

I like the spec of the TUF for that price. It can be flashed with OpenWRT and you can add more security settings on your own open source platform (if you use it as your main router).

Yes you can get Asus AX88U Pro for about 250, but even with this beast, for a 3 floors house, you gonna have dead spots (walls, floors, ect).
If you have a home with ~2400 SqFt on each floor, you are only covering ~2400 SqFt (on up to 4 floors, from experience. Assuming you've placed your router optimally/centrally for the areas/devices you care about most.

Instead of running three routers, try just one or two (quality models; I suggest the RT-AX88U Pro today) in a configuration that places them as far apart as possible (when you decide you need more than one centrally placed unit).


This was pretty educational.

Had already ordered the AX55 last night will test it out & see about ordering the Asus too.
Will also see about putting OpenWrt on the Archer C7s.

With OpenWRT I can just make the routers I need into 802.11r, right?
Doing my own research now.

Thanks everyone.

edit -

Given that I'll be moving my main router 10-15 feet over I'll definitely get coverage into the garage/backyard.
Therefore, the 802.11r route is probably uncessary & overly complicated.
It may also limit speeds unless I want to switch the 802.11ac for ax.

Will keep looking into this - it's interesting.
As a kid I used to fiddle around with a WRT54g & things are just as interesting again!
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