ASUS VPN Fusion destroys the static DHCP table


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After adding an OpenVPN server on the ASUS GT-AX11000 router on firmware, the static DHCP table becomes empty. While applying the server the AX11000 makes a restart an all clients gen an IP address within the dynamic IP range.

After adding some clients in the Exception List those clients will be added as well in the static DHCP list. To add the remaining static clients, they must be manually added one by one in the LAN-DHCP Server section. Another approach is to add them over an ssh terminal by nvram set dhcp_staticlist=". . . " but this requires that this list is saved using nvram get dhcp_staticlist before playing around within VPN Fusion.

I understand that all clients within the VPN exception list must have a static IP and for this reason those clients must be in the static DHCP list too. But it's bad approach to clear the static DHCP table in advance.

Did somebody else see that behavior?

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