ASUS vpn server/client leaky?


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I have a two router setup with ASUS RT-AX 3000 wan port to isp router/modem Verizon FIOS Lan port. “Normal“ transactions working well. I then started configuring the vpn server and some vpn clients - which seemed to work. But then, the proverbial hit the fan. Now, whenever I use a browser with an ASUS Wi-Fi, every place I point a browser to thinks my location is Toronto. I’m not there.

Now I expect browsers and sites to keep cookies and caches which might contain country information to give me a “better experience”. I’ll accept that for now. What I didn’t expect was that when I tried to transition a Roku device to an ASUS Wi-Fi from a Verizon one, sites would reject streaming based on either a country they don’t stream to, or in one case refusing to even connect because they said I was using a vpn! The Roku was working fine before I tried the transition because of better a stronger signal from the ASUS.

What is going on? Where/how are country codes saved and used? The Roku has NEVER been on a vpn! Have the machines I’ve been using (iPad and Linux laprop) been corrupted some how? Any ideas where to look?



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Problem found, but what the heck? Soon after posting my issue I checked the log and my vpn client2 was blathering this error:

AEAD Decrypt error: bad packet ID​

I found a link that says this is “normal” when you have more than one tunnel running. Error.

I shut down that client, and then everything back to normal!

So, the question still remains what is going on. A TorGuard server in their Canadian pool has an issue. But how does a problem server cause vpn information(IP) to get onto an ASUS Wi-Fi and go out over the internet - that seems to be be happening to the aforementioned Roku??

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