Asus Wireless Extender (RP-AC55): Stock Firmware Work With Merlin Router...??

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Hi All,

ASUS makes a wireless extender (Model: RP-AC55) that supports AiMesh. Understood that Merlin's firmware does NOT support this model.

Question: If I use this extender with its latest stock Asus firmware, will it work with my AC86U router running Merlin Firmware 384.19? I couldn't really find anything regarding this scenario.

Ideally, I'm looking for a cheap and small extender and was hoping this would be an option.

Feedback greatly appreciated, thanks!


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As an extender/repeater it will work with any other wireless station whether that's an Asus device or not. Whether it will integrate with Merlin's firmware running in AiMesh mode giving you extra features I don't know.

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