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Asus XD6 WebUI or Asus Router app unresponsive after setup with AiMesh

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New Around Here
Hi All,

I had been running an XD4 3pc AiMesh setup for a couple of months without a single issue, with the only hiccup being that day last week where apparently Asus pushed a bad update causing the router to crash. I took this opportunity to redo my setup with a single XD6 as my router and spread the 3 XD4s around for better coverage.

I am having an issue where once I setup my AiMesh with the single XD6 as the router and the 3 XD4s as hardwired nodes that after a few minutes the android app and the WebUI becomes very unresponsive taking minutes to load pages if at all and I am unable to change any settings. To be clear I am able to log in just fine, and the router and nodes are operating normally connecting my 30+ devices scattered around my property as expected. I just cannot change any more settings after this point as the UI freezes up after I log in.

I have reset all units to factory defaults twice now with the same result. All are up to date with the latest firmware. With exception to changing the default ip from to and connecting the nodes, I have not customized anything.

Not seeing a similar this issue posted anywhere. Please help.
Exactly the same issue here

Try using http instead of https and see if the GUI is more responsive.

If you use the Asus App - make sure GUI Assess from WAN is disabled. Convenience, but security risk.

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