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Asus XT12 questions

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Hi, I'm thinking of getting a couple of XT12's but I've got some queries before I buy if anyone can help? I just bought a TUF-AX6000 and my plan was to get a 2nd and use AiMesh, but I had some weird issues with it so I'm returning it and my plan now is to get XT12, 2 in a wired mesh.

1. Can I set manual WiFi channel and channel BW in the Web GUI while Smart Connect is enabled?
2. Can I set OpenVPN server port to TCP 443 in the Web GUI?
3. Can I use GCM encryption on OpenVPN server eg AES-128-GCM?
4. Is it stable?

On the TUF-AX6000 the only way of doing the first two was enabling browser devtools or editing the CFG file, and the last two weren't possible.

Thanks :)

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