Asus XT8 and QOS

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I use four Eero Pro´s 2nd gen (Wifi 5) to cover our farm.

We get internet at the farm via radio link with an Ubiquti Litebeam antenna on our house talking to the ISP´s antenna about 4km way which has fiber. The speed we´re sold is 40/20 mbits, while we in real life get about 36/18 with ping ranging from 12-18 ms on wifi.

I like the simplicity of the Eero but wish I could be in a little more control of our network settings and have been looking at the Asus XT8. It's overkill when it comes to the speeds we get from the internet but I would like to be able to split 2.4ghz and 5ghz which you can't on the Eero´s.

But the important thing for us is proper QOS, like the SQM-implementation on the Eero´s since our line is not the fastest. I tried both Netgear Orbi AC3000 and TP Link M9´s and both failed properly handling network load in prioritizing things like MS Teams, our home phone over VoiP and other things deemed more important than streaming or downloading a game. So how does the XT8 handle prioritizing of network traffic when under load. I haven't found what kind of QOS-implementation it comes with out of the box.


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I use a RT-AC86U and 3 eero pro 2nd gen to cover our home. The eeros are in bridge mode and do only the wifi duties. The 86U handles everything else and the wifi is turned off. I run Merlin firmware and the scripts listed in my signature. The setup just works. I also run a vpn client connection on the 86U that connects to a Torguard dedicated IP. I have 3 firestick 4K, Hue hub, hue lights, various IoT devices, Blink camera system, Bond bridge, even a wifi window a/c in my shop. In all, 42 devices on the network. The only thing is no separate wifi bands nor wifi 6 but so far my setup more than handles my 100/10 cable service. Now, to be honest, I have been researching the XT8 to see if a pair could replace my current setup but the lack of Merlin support may be a deal breaker.

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