Asus XT8 Apple Homekit not responding

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New Around Here

I just want to see if anyone facing the same issue with me that newer firmware for XT8 makes my Apple homekits become not stable.

The only firmware will always work is Version, released 9/22/2020.

And all my Apple Homekits firmware are up to date.

Sometimes will happen just one, and sometimes happen all, very random....

So what I did is add the devise to DHCP server, it will work, sometimes I have to removed from DHCP server in order to work.

This is really annoying, especially when I want to control it from outside.



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Part of the Furniture


Part of the Furniture
Depending on how the network is working, and how simple or complex the network environment is, yes.

It is just a tool to get the router/network to a good/known state where the hardware is using the defaults and variables of the firmware that is installed on it.

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