Asus XT8 - Firmware upgrade results in WebGUI not responding

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Im currently running FW ZENWIFI_XT8_3.0.0.4_386_25524 with no issues.

If I try to upgrade the firmware either via the web gui auto update or via a manual firmware file update then it completes, reboots and all seems to work (clients can still connect to Wifi/Internet). However both the WebGui and Asus Router App can no longer talk to the router, it just times out. If I hard reset and reconfigure the router from scratch then again it proceeds through the setup but on reboot after setup the Webgui will stop responding after 10-15 seconds.

I have tried firnwares ZENWIFI_XT8_3.0.0.4_386_25790 , RT-AX95Q_9.0.0.4_386_40947 and RT-AX95Q_9.0.0.4_386_40577 and they all exhibit this issue. If I downgrade back to 25524 then it sets up and works normally and Webgui / Router app connects fine.

Am I missing some step, Im upgrading both router and node. Do I need to hard reset the node and tell it it should act as a node? The issue persists even if I just configure the one router and leave the node turned off.

Any advice would be appreciated


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you can try use reset button underneath and hold it for 30 seconds

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