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Hi all,

Looking to see if someone could help me decipher the few lines of Kernel errors received this am after a scheduled restart of my XT8 system:

Nov 29 13:24:38 kernel: ^[[0;33;41m[ERROR archer] archer_mcast_activate,577: ADD_PORT: WLAN SSID has already been added: egress_port 7, current 0x0002, new 0x0002^[[0m
Nov 29 13:24:38 kernel: ^[[0;33;41m[FHW] _fhw_activate_hw ERROR: tuple_in <0x00300da7> ; flow-modification failed
Nov 29 13:24:38 kernel: ^[[0m

I have been running the beta firmware and it has been great, but these are the first two Kernel errors I have seen with this firmware that I don't recognize. I do recognize the kernel config errors on previous version of firmware, but not sure on the above.

Hoping someone with a bit more insight could let me know if there is root cause for concern here. Can share full log if needed, or any config if necessary.

Thanks in advance! Happy Holidays!

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