Asus XT8 or Eero 6 Pro?


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I purchased both the Asus XT8 2 pack and Eero 6 Pro 3 pack with the idea of keeping one and returning the other. I got busy and by the time I got around to it they are both outside the return window, so I plan on keeping one and selling the other. My question is which should I keep? I’ve read reviews of both, and both seem to have some firmware issues, though I think the Asus seems to have more firmware issues than the Eero.
if anyone has any advice on which you think I should keep I’d appreciate it.


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Keep Asus with future consideration. After years, you can buy the latest and better Asus Aimesh router, and make the current XT8 as Aimesh nodes.
I have several Asus AX routers. They are generally stable, and not much firmware issues. You just need to buy a right Asus router having often firmware updates.

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