Asus XT8 separate access control for main and guest wifi

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New Around Here
I'm evaluating a new mesh system and one of my favorite is the XT8 (ET8 is not available yet in my country).

But there is one important option I would like to have on the new environment.

Main Network:
- allow only specific devices to connect

Guest Network:
- allow everyone who knows the password to connect

I want to have my family on the main network to be able to access the whole environment, e.g. printer, music server, inhouse Spotify devices and so on.
But if my kids have the main wifi set-up, they are able to share the main wifi password via their Apple devices with just one touch, see
I want to prevent access to to the main wifi network for non-family-members but allow them to connect to the guest network (which should only give access to the internet, but not to my internal network).

Does the ASUS XT8 supports this ?
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