ASUS XT8, Slow WI-FI speeds with Bell Aliant ?


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So I picked up a Asus XT8 mesh Wi-Fi 6 system that was on sale to help with the Wi-Fi coverage in my house. Since Bell Aliant uses DHCP vs PPPOE for bell Ontario, I just plugged a CAT 6 from my home hub too my XT8 WAN port, configured it with the mobile app, and than I setup AI mesh repeater mode (access point). Now when I do a speed test on Wi-Fi I'm only getting 500 down 200 up. my plan is gigabit up and down.

If I plug a cat cable from the XT8 to a computer I'm getting full 900-900 up and down but for some reason Wi-Fi speeds are very slow it seems for a Wi-Fi 6 router. The speed test on Wi-Fi where done with a iPhone 13 pro, also a Wi-Fi 6 intel card on my gaming pc.

I should mention I did a factory reset and the XT8 after firmware update just incase.

Am I missing something why Wi-Fi speeds are trash?

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