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Anyone having issues with slow/throttled upload speeds when running into the LAN base? I see a few posts with questionable upload speeds using wifi, but not wired. I get close to full synchronous gigabit using my RT-AC88U. (850/900). I get around 850/200 going into a LAN port on the XT8 base. I hover around 90-100 when doing WiFi. You can almost see it trottle down to around 90.

I checked the usual suspects and have QoS, airtime fairness, etc. NAT is enabled, but I noticed there was no NAT acceleration option in WAN like other Asus routers. I've tried using both XT8's as the only base, all the ports, turned off the radios, etc. I'm currently on 25524 and tried rolling back to the previous FW and get the same results.


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Sadly I have moved house from where I had 1G up/down and now on boring old DOCSIS 3.0 which is of course asymetrical. When I was on 1G fibre a few weeks back, I was reliably able to max out on wired the up/down bandwidth to the expected 930-940 you would expect (taking into account the usual overheads) in either direction. Wifi when just using a single node was also pretty good, but not quite at the same level (you could get 700+ depending on how close you were.


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Thanks for chiming in Daylight Invader. I did find I could get full speed through it if I used it as a wired mesh node with my AC88U in router mode. However, it would revert back whenever it was set back up in router mode. I ended up returning it since I was at the end of my window and that wasn't the configuration I was after.

Interestingly, I picked up an GT-AX11000 and get the same behavior as the XT8 on the latest firmware. However, it will work as expected if I roll it back to an older version.

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