Asus XT8 + XD4

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Hi guys, my first post here.

I just bought the XT8 to replace a Deco X20, and it's been working great.
I enabled the Tri-Band since i have the backhaul via ethernet with no issues.
My question is: I need to cover a bit more my house but a XD4 will be enough (and half the price...). If i connect the XD4 (ethernet backhaul again), will the tri-band configuration remain for the XT8, since the XD4 is only dual-band?
Has anyone "mixed" these two models?


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Hey, have you been able to find answer to that question? I am also wondering if we can mix XT8 nodes with XD4.


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I do not see any issues with the suggested setup. The XD4 is designed to work well with other AiMesh Routers or Zen Wifi Devices. Since you already have ethernet backhaul in place. They should all work seamlessly.

As far as the Tri-Band support remaining intact. I see no reason why it will be disturbed on the Primary Router as it is free from backhaul.


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@h1berto , thanks for the confirmation. I wanted to ask if you had tried roaming with these devices.

meaning: Getting on a VoIP call like Whatsapp or facetime and move around the house to see if there is a seamless transition.

I know this is not a very important thing for most people but it would be great if you could test it out at your conviction and let the community know

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