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ASUS XT9 5Ghz from main router

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New Around Here

I've just bought and set up my ASUS ZenWiFi XT9 and I'm experiencing a strange issue, or at least I think I am. I have the router and a single AIMesh node. The two are placed at opposite ends of the house.

The issue I'm facing is that devices that are connecting to the main router are all connecting over 2.4GHz, even when in theory they should be using 5GHz. Devices seem to be able to connect to the node point over 5GHz just fine. When I force devices onto 5GHz (via the MAC WIFI blocking feature) that are mere feet away from the main router, they will instead connect themselves to the node (poor signal and all).

For instance, my LG C9 Tv (6ft from the router) will only connect to the router over 2.4, and when forced to 5GHz, it will connect to the node on the other side of the house with poor signal. My iPhone too - 5GHz when I'm near the node, but next to the router Im stuck on 2.4.

Any ideas what's going on here? It's having a noticeable affect on connection speeds on said devices.

Welcome to the forums @Mattwilliams89.

Is this a wired or wireless backhaul? If the latter, then they are probably too far apart.

AiMesh Ideal Placement

Another (likely more applicable) possibility is that you have too much WiFi for the space you want covered.

Place a single router in the middle of the areas you want coverage. If the situation improves, then you don't need a mesh system at all (or, use the second node in Media Bridge mode, for your farthest, wired-capable clients).
Hey @L&LD , thank you for your response!

It's a wireless backhaul yeah. I'm limited in my options on placement of the router because of where the fibre cable enters the house and the modem is mounted to the wall. So the router is kinda stuck in one, lower corner of my house. My office is kind of in the opposite corner (upstairs) and I did have the node there, which was great for devices in the office.

I've tried moving the node to a more central place, as per the ideal placement, but I'm struggling to find a spot that doesn't impact the connection quality in that office (I'm going from about 300Mbps to 150Mbps when moving it out of the room).

Do you know what about the node placement might cause the issue I reported? It seems bizarre to me that nothing is connected to the router over 5GHz (other than the dedicated backhaul for the node..)
Just giving this a bump as I'm stilling having problems.

I'm becoming convinced there's a fault with my router, as nothing seems to be able to connect to it over 5GHz. I tried to turn off Smart Connect, and have dedicated 5 and 2.4GHz SSIDs, but devices near the router just failed to connect.

I've just got a new LG G3 TV, placed only a couple of feet from the router, and it's stuck on 2.4ghz.

Is there a way to view some logs or perform some diagnostics to see what is happening?
If it helps at all, last night it somehow worked perfectly for a couple of hours. I was tweaking a couple of settings - enabled roaming assistant for 2.4GHz band and devices suddenly connected to the main router over 5GHz just fine.

I've since left it overnight and it's reverted back to before, everything is stuck on 2.4Ghz. It's driving me mad.

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