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ASUS ZenWiFi BQ16 Pro (BE30000 BB) Install Inquiry

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New Around Here
Good afternoon-

My knowledge and understanding is limited, so I appreciate the coaching on how’d you setup this system for optimal performance. My intent is to replace an aging Orbi mesh system (router and 2x nodes) that has performed marginally given the setup and equipment limitations. I’m installing Cat 6A Ethernet cables in order to move to wired backhaul between the router and nodes with the addition of some switches. Further, my market has a new provider that has 5 gig fiber that I’d like to take advantage.

I’ll be or have purchased the following:
- Best Buy ASUS ZenWiFi BE 30000 WiFI 7 (3 pack)
- ZYXEL 12-Port multi-gig switch (XS1930-12HP)
- TRENDnet 5-Port 10G switch (TEG-S750)
- Cat 6A Ethernet cabling

I want to implement a wired backhaul between the BQ 16 Pro and 2x nodes - BB has an exclusive 3pack with a different naming convention called the BE30000. The fiber line will come into the downstairs furnace room where the primary router and 12-port switch will reside. I need to get my home office off WiFi and will run a Cat 6A Ethernet cable from the 12-Port Switch to the 5-Port switch in my office. Work cpu/Mac will be hardwired via Cat 6A cable. Does it matter what port is utilized on the ZYXEL to maximize speed? It can be run as managed or unmanaged - I’ve never made changes to a switch via managed settings, however, could learn if needed.

How would you wire the backhaul between the router and the 2 nodes? I’ve read about a multitude of ways to complete this and I’m confused and want to call in the experts. I’ve got the ability to run multiple Ethernet cables to both nodes and want to retain the highest (in this case 10 gig) speeds to future proof my network. Would I need to use the switch or daisy chain? The router and matching nodes have limited ports beyond 1 gig and confused on the most ideal way to setup.. likely a softball question, but, want to ensure I’m running cabling correctly from the start.

Lastly, given my limited experience setting up networks.. am I able to use the same network name/password and all the devices used to connecting to Orbi would automatically connect to the new ASUS system, once implemented? If you could provide links or suggested posts that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time and help!
ZYXEL is a company I don't have experience with using their networking products. For my home I don't use PoE either, and unless future expansion may go that direction, they tend to produce a lot of heat. (Maybe that was just bad luck when my wife brought home some work equipment with it)...

This guide is very good at explaining, I believe Scenario 2 best fits your set up:

Any further clarification please feel free to ask as I'm sleepy this morning and a little cloudy...
Yes setting up the same SSID and password is a trick I learned from online. Sometimes if you get a buggy client simply "forget" the network then re-set up the connection.

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