Release ASUS ZenWiFi ET8 Firmware version (2022/01/11)


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2022/01/11 55.73 MBytes
ASUS ZenWiFi ET8 Firmware version
- Fixed string format stacks vulnerability
- Fixed cross-site-scripting vulnerability
- Fixed informational vulnerability.
Thanks to Howard McGreehan.

-Fixed SQL injection vulnerability
-Fixed json file traversal vulnerability
-Fixed plc/port file traversal vulnerability
-Fixed stack overflow vulnerability
Thanks to HP of Cyber Kunlun Lab

-Fixed authenticated stored XSS vulnerability
Thanks to Luke Walker – SmartDCC

-Fixed LPD denial of service vulnerability
-Fixed cfgserver heap overflow vulnerability
-Fixed cfgserver denial of service vulnerability
Thanks to TianHe from BeFun Cyber Security Lab.

Added more ISP profile
Digi 1 - TM
Digi 2 - TIME
Digi 3 - Digi
Digi 4 - CTS
Digi 5 - ALLO
Digi 6 - SACOFA
Maxis - CTS
Maxis - SACOFA
Maxis - TNB/ALLO

Fixed AiMesh guest network issues.
Fixed DDNS issues where the WAN IP is IPv6
Fixed UI bugs in Administration --> feedback.
Fixed time zone error.
Improved the connection stability.

Please unzip the firmware file first then check the MD5 code.


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Has anyone replaced RC3-3 with this yet?? The most important part (Improved the connection stability) is listed last, so I wonder just how serious it is. Before RC3-3, my 2 ET8's couldn't keep the 50-60 devices online, and streaming was always iffy (short blips would cause most streams to restart or cut off).


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Upgraded from previous release (not RC3) this morning. So far running fine. Probably take a couple days with it to get a good opinion on the stability compared to previous.


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Before upgrading fairly stable except for a few Nest cams and hubs and August locks connecting and reconnecting occasionally. I was auto rebooting weekly. After a few weeks I may try turning off the auto reboot.

So far I've noticed it likes to change the 2.4Ghz channel a lot as in 2-3 times a day. I have it on auto on advice of another thread here. I might have to lock it down as several things disconnect and reconnect when it changes. Not a big deal but the notifications from those devices get irritating.


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WiFi channel hopping may have settled down. It's held the same channel for over a day now. No noticed issues yet. Everything seems to be staying connected other then during the mentioned channel changes.


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I just upgraded both of my ET8 nodes. Beware that there's a newer version of this firmware for AX88U and it will not upload to an ET8! ;)
So my ET8's have gone from initial firmware to beta to this FW_ZENWIFI_ET8_300438646061.w build. ...I should probably wipe settings and re-setup. I imagine, given the wacky way it backs up and restores, that there may be some crud that needs cleaning up. Hmm. Has everyone else been "dirty flashing"?


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I updated yesterday to Version and while the main node updated just fine and I just had to reboot once to get it to communicate with my fiber modem, the second ZenWIFI ET8 node took several tentatives before I was able to update to Version

And after the update, the LED on the secondary node is stuck to solid blue. I tried to restart several times the second node and also the main node. No way to get the second node LED to get to white.

The Asus app shows the second node online and I'm able to get clients connected but I see some random weird things going on with the 5GHz on the secondary node like unstable speed even when standing with my client at 3 feet. Any suggestion about how to get the second node LED to turn white?


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I also had a hard time pushing to my second ET8. That old bug where "something happens" and then you can't get into the interface for 5 minutes hit me twice. I finally redownloaded and made sure it was the ET8 release and after having rebooted both nodes and cable modem things worked as expected. I don't know if my LED would be stuck on blue though as I have it turn off once booted as it faces right into my bedroom!

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