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ASUS ZenWifi ET8 GNUton Firmware question

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Hi. I am considering getting an ASUS ZenWiFi ET8 mesh system to upgrade from my stand-alone RT-AC86U router. However, I saw that it does not support IPTV, but I wonder if the GNUton firmware does. I need the IPTV to set the VLAN to 201 so I can bridge into Centurylink Fiber without using their modem, which is how I am doing it with the RT-AC86U.

Can anyone confirm or otherwise let me know if the ET8 with Gnuton firmware will support the ability to do this with IPTV?
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However, I saw that it does not support IPTV

Where did you see this?

This is what's available on XT8:


ET8 is exactly the same hardware device with the extra radio tuned for 6E.

Get one RT-AX88U Pro instead. If your single RT-AC86U was almost there as coverage - you don't need this ZenWiFi.
I'm positive both have the same firmware features.

What fancy stuff? Your RT-AC86U is a faster hardware router than XT8/ET8. In terms of CPU performance you downgrade.

RT-AX88U Pro has Pro firmware, much faster hardware than ET8 and will have much longer support. Cheaper as well.
Ok point taken. To be honest, it is the external antennas that are unsightly if putting it in a public area.
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Oh, I just ordered the RT-AX88U Pro but does it take Merlin firmware? If not I'll cancel and get the RT-AX86U Pro instead.

The RT-AX88U Pro is the superior router vs. the hardware crippled RT-AX86U Pro.

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