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Beta ASUS ZenWiFi Pro ET12 Firmware version

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Version Beta Version 48.84 MB

Be noted: This is an early stage beta, there might be bugs. This version can be downgraded via web GUI only.

New Features:
1. Add Guest Network Pro:
• Kids WiFi: Create a network for kids that blocks access to adult content and has a schedule to control when the network is available.
• VPN WiFi: Create a VPN network that connects to 3rd party VPN services or with ASUS site to site VPN(https://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1048281/) to encrypts your internet connection and hides your IP address to protect your online activities from being tracked or monitored.
• IoT WiFi : Create an IoT (Internet of Things) network that blocks malicious traffic* and only allows 2.4GHz devices to connect.
• Guest WiFi: Create a guest network with a WiFi schedule and access rights to control when and how guests can use the network.
2. Add VLAN in LAN settings.
3. Add Auto USB WAN backup, while primary WAN is down, plug USB phone/dongle will auto enable backup internet, no setup is required.
4. Add iPhone USB tethering. (Please make sure hotspot on iPhone is enabled).
5. Add Multi-services WAN, create multiple profiles on a single WAN interface.

Download Firmware
The ET12 doesn't have USB as far as I'm aware, it looks like several of these features are USB specific
Does this allow more than one guest network to propagate throughout all mesh nodes?
Anyone know where IoT WiFi feature is located? I'm currently just using a guest network with no access to LAN devices...
Does this allow more than one guest network to propagate throughout all mesh nodes?
Not sure and can't test due to only one node available but I'm guessing it should be. Other node may also need to be on Beta firmware
Nope. Just going to wait it out. Any way here to report bugs?
Not sure, thinking it should be able it with WEB UI , there is a feedback tab in administration category.

I will wait it out also, Vlan feature is awesome. Got my IOT devices already connected and its working ok so far .

Only problem is when I limit the speed of devices with in that VLAN, the upload speed on your regular WIFI network also suffers . Left it off for now. Next version should hopefully fix this issue.
Is it just me or is the Guest Network for 6GHz band missing in the Guest Network Pro interface?
Wow. Guest Networking on this beta is very different from any prior firmware, which is both good and bad. The bad, my existing guest networks (I have a guest on each 2.4G and 5G band) is a hit or miss. The 2.4G guest came back up on the beta but the 5G guest is lost. And the guest networks are all on different subnets (which I can manually assign, and with a different VID, too). This is getting some used to. And simply enabling Access Intranet for the guest network DOES NOT PUT THE GUEST ON THE SAME SUBNET!!!!!

So for multiple SSIDs to access the same subnet, I have to set the VID of guest to 1 (default VLAN), and disable the Guest Network independent DHCP. This allows the guest to request from DHCP server on VID1, which is the default DHCP. Otherwise the devices on the Guest network may have issues accessing LAN devices such as scanners and/or printers which are seldomly accessed from different subnets connecting to the same LAN......
i am interested how is this new IoT network work? it basically turns off any special stuff and just basic 2.4g network? is this essentially a renamed guest network?
Everytime I effect a config change the UI either becomes very unresponsive, or router will stop passing LAN traffic and/or both. I had to either reboot the router or disconnect one of the LAN cables on the router to get LAN communications back. Downgrading back to last know good FW 21739.....
Had to revert to stable. It became extremely unstable.

I would suggest staying away until a better beta is available.
They have to update this thing. Stuck without being able to edit the "Professional" wireless settings. Don't really want to revert to stable since in using the IoT VLAN feature only on Beta...

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