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Beta ASUS ZenWiFi Pro XT12 Firmware version (2023/03/21)

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1. Recap new features of Guest network Pro(SDN), VLAN, Auto USB WAN backup, iPhone tethering, Multi-services WAN.
2. Re-defined VLAN, supports Trunk, Access mode with VLAN-only-network.
3. Synchronize Guest network pro (SDN) with VLAN, create/delete new VLAN-only-network will create/delete a new profile in Guest network as well.
4. Port isolation and AP isolation to restrict device access to each other.
5. Re-defined multi-service WAN, disable it by default.
6. Add surfshark VPN in VPN fusion.

Be noted: This is an early stage beta, there might be bugs. This version can be downgraded via web GUI only.

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I have been using this firmware since its publication, in my configuration devices are connected via 2.5g ethernet. The GUI works quickly and without jams. Finally, the traffic analyzer works. In the guest network pro tab, it shows correctly connected clients. I haven't noticed any major problems, switching clients between nodes is fast and doesn't even interrupt facetime.


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Thanks Glenlord. I updated to this firmware 5 days ago and its running smooth. No issues or dissconnects. Fastest speed so far maxing the speed on my internet line 1gbit/s. My setup is 3 XT12 and 4 xt8 mixed with both wired backhaul and wireless backhaul. Turning of qos made my wireless maxing out on wireless internally. Measurement on internet bandwidth made 12 meters from one xt12 with wired 2,5gbe backhaul on a samsung zflip4 (see attached pic). Fastest so far with this firmware. I live on a farm with 2 big houses. My setup is covering 800 square meters easily and also a big chunk of the yard outside. The system is handling over 50 units with stability so I'm impressed.


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Speed Test never finish...it remains on "Testing" when Adaptive QoS is enabled and set to manual mode. DHCP is acting a bit strange from time to time not giving IP addresses to machines. Otherwise no other issues noted so far. Additon of VLAN is a great. Adding IoT network is very good too. However it seems that IoT network cannot be isolated from main network. There is no checkbox as oopsed to manually creating a guest network.
almost 5 months have passed since the release of the last stable firmware! a company that instead of focusing on a few devices has a dozen of them in its portfolio and almost none of them work properly and stably. maybe it's time for quality, not quantity
Had alot of problems before I turned off QOS and traffic Analyzer. Now everything runs without any problems.
VPN server doesnt allow to connect to local Intranet PCs whens vpnfusion is turned on. Stable works perfect.
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