Asus ZenWifi XT8 2.5gb BackHaul cat6 link

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Have two xt8’s and cabled them using the standard route i.e main router wan 2.5gb port, 1gb lan uplink > second unit using 2.5gb port.

This works fine, I have fibre 900 down/110up so I’d like to place the wan/internet port on Lan. 1gb port is all I need and releasing the 2 2.5gb ports for the back haul.

I thought you could cable both the units using 2.5gb ports and selecting dual wan and specify which Lan port I want to use for Internet..

If I do this the second xt8 just flashes blue, I can see there is connection on the status page showing 2.5 but the second unit won’t connect

Any ideas or steps I’m missing? I have the latest ver 386.41994 but tried on 386.41157 same issue


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Lol I was about to write the exact same post !!!!
I'm still waiting to buy myself a QSW-1105-5T-US 2.5gbe switch in order to make the ethernet backhaul run on the wan interface instead of the 1gbe lan port and was wondering if it would work... anyone achieved that already ?


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I don't think that works. I don't think you can configure one of the 1gbps ports to be the WAN interface. If you configure the units as AP mode (standalone, no nodes) then they bridge all the ports and you can use the 2.5gbps port as a switch port. You'd lose all routing/qos/firewall in this configuration. I've been running this configuration (not with 2.5gbps backhaul, because I haven't gotten a 2.5gbps switch yet) and it's been super solid. Roaming works great, frees up every available band for your end devices, and can specify non-overlapping channels.

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