ASUS ZenWiFi XT8 - 5Ghz failure after 24 hours up time

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Have two XT8 newly set up with wired backhaul. Wireless 5Ghz seems to go crazy after approx 24 hours. I mainly notice this because all google devises seems to lose connection - Chromecast Ultra, Goggle nest, etcetera. Software reboot does not solve the problem for more than a short while, but power of entirely seems to make it work for a day or so.

Several people seems to have similar problem in this thread.

Edit - adding information:
Not sure if other than 5Ghz are affected.
Approx. 50 devises connected to network.
Both units factory reset during setup.
Same network setup with Netgear RAX80 och EAX20 is rock solid.
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