ASUSTOR AS4004T 4 Bay 10GbE NAS Reviewed


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ASUSTOR's AS4004T is a good value in a four-bay Gigabit port NAS with a bonus 10GbE port.

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Is the 10G Ethernet Controller built into the Marvell SoC or was a a separate chip?

I am hoping we finally reach 10G Ethernet to affordable price for Home user.


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Can the three Ethernet ports on the back of the AS 4004T be used as a switch? For example, could I plug a computer into the 10G ethernet port (for fast NAS access) and still access the rest of the LAN through the 1G ports on the AS4004T?


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I use a 2.5bge adapter on my Asustor AS3104T with 4 SSDs in a RAID 5 configuration. Sometime in August 2020 a software update improved write speeds to ~200MB/s from ~140MB/s. I tested copying a large file from a fast PC. I wonder if the write speed of the AS4004T improved in RAID 5 also from the same software update? If anyone has an AS4004T in RAID 5, I'd be interested to know what write speeds you get when you copy a large file to the NAS.

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