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I tested the WireGuard client briefly and I noticed that there is a DNS leak. There is no setting in this firmware that’s similar to Merlin where you can force to use the VPN provider’s DNS. Performance seems to be fine but my VPN line is limited to 120mbps. I wish it would support IPv6 thought just like the Brume MV1000
I wonder if it’s normal for Wireguard to leak DNS? I have Netgear R9000 with Wireguard setup and it also disregards DNS included in the Wireguard config. It uses main router WAN DNS settings, so I obviously change them to anything but not ISP provided or obtained automatically and it works. I wonder if setting DoT or DoH on Asus would force using it on Wireguard?


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A few weeks has come and gone. Crickets from Asus on this new Beta.
TBH, the current web UI is dated and has blurry iconography when viewed on 4K 200% DPI monitors. It desperately needs a change as competitors have gone much ahead in that area.

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It desperately needs a change as competitors have gone much ahead in that area.

I thought it had a bit of a makeover fairly recently with 386 ... new icons or some such or did I dream it? :p

Yeah sure it could be better, and GUI's and usability are important but personally my Ten Cents worth is that I'd rather Asus put their scarce dev resources into bug fixing and implementing solid worthwhile new features such as Wireguard and the like, rather than losing sleep over the interface it displays on 4K monitors, but that's just me ...


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Anyone know roughly how frequently beta updates typically cycle? Wondering when I should check in for the next update to this release, if anyone has experience with this. Thanks!


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No known pattern. When you see a new firmware posted, a new Beta may possibly be in the works (available or not, is the unknown).

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Hi All,
After waiting a long time, ASUSWRT is going to upgrade from 386 rc2 to 386 rc3.
What's new in 386 RC3-1
  1. New VPN client interface
  2. Clients can be assigned to a specific VPN profile. This function is similar to VPN fusion. (AX models' features)
  3. Support WirdGuard server and client. (AX models' features)
  4. Beta firmware OTA and one click revert to the previous firmware. It can facilitate the beta firmware testing.
  5. Support DNS over TLS and two DNS servers.

The firmware download link
It is an early stage for 386 RC3 and we have GT-AX11000, ZenWiFi XT8, RT-AX88U, RT-AX82U, RT-AC86U, RT-AC68U currently.
We will release more firmware and new features few weeks later.

View attachment 36047
View attachment 36048
View attachment 36049

View attachment 36050
Will this support the RT-AX92U like the previous RC2 did?


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Not even a month yet. Give them time.


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I'm going to fire up one AC86U now. If the tab is there, perhaps the new VPN is also there.

Multiple VPN Connection and WireGuard are NOT available (not AX, but HND platform)
Revert to previous firmware is NOT available (router updated from 386.44470 without reset)

Something important is still missing - DDNS external IP detection. Many people use the routers in double NAT.

Agreed.. DDNS external IP detection is quite important for some people like me. This is the only reason why i'm stuck with merlin firmware, although I would love to have it on XT8 firmware.


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The only think i care about is stability. 386 series always like beta to me. (for ac68u)


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I'm hoping you can indulge me in a rather basic question that I've always wondered about. Is it the case that whenever a AiMesh node gets dropped/added the entire cluster goes down/reboots to resync or something similar? It seems to me if I even accidentally kick the power supply out for one of the nodes, the whole network goes down for 3 minutes.

I'm guessing this is normal, I've never quite understood why the lead node should become unreachable if the slave nodes go down, but wanted to understand that this is absolutely how AiMesh should work.


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No, this is not how it works for me or my customers setups.


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No, at least for myself, I'm using wired backhaul (2.5GbE) between two RT-AX86U's.


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@ASUSWRT_2020 looks like the 'DNS Server' setting isn't working

Just more context, I'm using pi hole for this.
It's working for as domains but not my custom dns. Sorry about that. I'll look into why my custom configured domains are not working.
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Ok, perhaps because I am using Ethernet backhaul. Perhaps wireless only acts differently. (I'm 4x RT-AC68U).
Try deleting your 68U (do this with all 4 - delete them all, then hard reset and re-add them one by one) from your AiMesh network via your main router's web admin UI (which will initiate a reset on the 68U), then hard reset it after it reboots using the WPS button method. Latch onto the newly-factory-reset 68U with your mobile device to get to the initial setup web UI, and set it to be an AiMesh node. Re-add it to your AiMesh network on the main router. Do this with all four of your 68U's - you can leave your main router as-is, and just re-add them back to your AiMesh network once they have been fully reset.

I had a couple of 68U's (I also have 4 of them all on ethernet backhaul) that would wreak havoc on my entire AiMesh network whenever I rebooted the main router or made config changes. Deleting/then hard resetting those 68U's took care of the problem. All it takes is one of them to flake out and you'll have odd problems ranging from network performance issues to instability on your primary AiMesh router. Using the paperclip on the reset button for 3 seconds on the 68U was not enough, they have to go through a full factory reset if they're causing problems.
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I'm surprised nobody commented on Wireguard yet, as this was something people asked me quite a few times to add to my own firmware in the past. Anyone actually tested it, either the client or server? Any feedback?

I've tested wireguard and here are my findings.

On a 500 Mbps Down and 200 Mbps Upload, here are the results
1. With wireguard on the AX88U - 322 Down and 196 Up
2. With AC86U on VPN on primary node: 170 down and 150 Upload
3. With AC86U on Node connected to primary AC86U on VPN: 210 down and 180 Upload

So I can see wireguard is yielding higher speeds. Is AC86U going to get the wireguard?


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I must say on my ac 86u , never better wifi signal. Im feeling its like 30% better trought walls... Great firmware, only things im missing is some menus from merlin.
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