AsusWRT/EZ Printer with Canon MF3240 (multi function printer/scanner)

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Mine Ong

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I have an AC68U and I am trying to share a Canon MF3240 multi function printer/scanner over the network. I have confirmed that both the printing and scanning functionalities work on my laptop when the MF3240 is connected to my laptop via USB. I am using win-10 (64bit).

I am trying to follow the following guide:

by which I've downloaded from Asus' website, extracted, and executed Printer.exe. It detected my network router/AP, and I've entered the correct IP address of the AP of which the Canon MF3240 is connected to. Via webGUI of the AP, I can verify it is connected to the AP on USB-2.

I followed the guide up to Step 6, by which the Printer.exe finished installation. However, NOTHING happens next: the Window 10's Wizard (Step 7) never happened, and I am not sure how and what to proceed next.

In the past, I have successfully shared the printer using LPR server. However, the point of this exercise is that I want to share both the printing and scanning functionality of MF3240 using the Asus router. Hence my query.

any help is very much appreciated,
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