ASUSWRT-Merlin 384.19 Login Name can't start with a number.

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New Around Here

Yesterday I got around to upgrading my RT-AC88U to 384.19 and all worked great until I went to change the time zone in Administration - System. When I clicked Apply, I got the "Only alphanumeric characters and dash symbol are accepted. The first character cannot be a dash - ." message under my router login name and the change wouldn't take effect. My login name is just numbers and letters and the same one I've used on previous releases. I don't auto-save the name/password. Tried different browsers and even different computers in case it was a cache issue. Even tried to reinstall with restore to factory defaults and issue persisted.

Finally, I changed the login name from one that started with a number to one that started with a letter and it worked. Attempting to change the login name back to anything that starts with a number will fail.


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