Asuswrt VPN Problem

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AsusWRT Merlin VPN Kill Switch Problem
I have the latest Merlin Firmware installed 386.3_2

VPN Client

Redirect Internet traffic through tunnelVPN Director (policy rules)
Killswitch - Block routed clients if tunnel goes downYes

VPN Director


When I stop the client, the kill switch is not working, still able to access the internet.

Thanks in advance


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A "kill switch" in Virtual Private Networking:
(1) Only works if your provider supports it;
(2) Functions when your connection is disrupted to stop all traffic to and from the concerned devices;
(3) Is activated when the connection to the tunnel is disrupted;

So, it makes sense that when you stop the router's VPN client that the connected devices stop transmitting and receiving information. But, it doesn't work that way. When a VPN connection is active and a device loses its connection to the VPN, the switch will kick in. Not when you deactivate the VPN.

If I correctly understand your quaestion.


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