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AT&T Fiber for business let-down

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Here is a fun one....

I need to move a Law firm to a new location. Everything needs to happen over the weekend. So everyone can get to work on Monday morning.

We had an At&T Business fiber modem installed last week Monday to make sure the backbone of the iT infrastructure would be in place. It was still present on Tuesday evening. On Saturday I arrived ready to install the Router - Switch - VoiP phones etc etc etc.

Guess what, the modem is gone :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

To add insult to injury it turns out that At&T Business technicians only work from Monday - Friday and there is no one on call for emergencies o_O

Imagine connecting a restaurant or gas station or any other business that needs internet to operate and your modem burns out on Friday afternoon :(



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I guess that is a problem with a public DMARC. Hook it all up and get local routing all working. Hopefully AT&T will not take too long for just a modem on Monday. Keep us posted. I hope nobody steals your switches and routers.

You may have to install some kind of locking rack.


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Different but related. I recently moved all services (including Internet) from a phone company to a cable company. Scheduled cut over was for a Monday afternoon.

Came in Monday morning at 7AM. We had phones but no Internet. Turns out our phone company assigns a phone number to the DSL line. On the midnight prior to the phone port they shut down the DSL/Internet service associated with the phone number. We had dial tone right up to the 4PM cut-over but we had no Internet for an entire business day. Hard lesson learned.


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After many emails and unanswered calls from the lawyers in this office, we finally received a reply on Sunday afternoon.

Turns out the IT consultant who was working for the previous tenant still had a key accessed the office and took the modem. Despite the fact that he himself removed all network equipment and servers he took it upon himself to remove our modem which was a different model etc then there was previously.

Just yanked it from the rack and left.

I am a freight he is going to see a steep invoice and possible criminal charges....


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Holy crap! That'd almost be funny if it wasn't so sad. Sorry for all the unneeded stress it caused you.
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Yeah I had a sense of humor but also dismay about it.
He can’t have a good excuse for his action. I have pictures of what his setup looked like before he moved the iT. He left an empty rack other then the patch panels.
When he came back there was a new and different modem that was zip tied to the rack. While in the past he had his laying loose on a cardboard box...

My stress will be this morning while all the employees will be banging at my door asking why the internet, phone, printers etc etc are down. Meantime I have to configure the Sophos firewall, switch, WiFi, server etc etc..


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Maybe he'll come over and help? Eh, second thought ... you don't need that kind of help : -)

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