AUS RT-AX55U /AX56U which model one has got 4 antennae?


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Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone has seen this strange retail box of the RT-AX56 /AX55?

Did Asus from China did a blunder in the package labelling?
So which one is true? RT-AX56 supposed to have 4 antennae?
or 2?

RT-AX56U from China -4 external antennae

RT-AX56U from 2 external antennae.
RT-AX55 from - 4 external antennae

If anyone has got any answer, please clarify.

Thank you.



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It has been noted before that there are two different versions of the RT-AX56U with different FCC IDs (MSQ-RTAXHY00 vs MSQ-RTAX8A00).

From what I've been able to find the Chinese model appears to be a "V2" version, which is actually the same as the US/EU RT-AX55.


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AX55U (4 antennas) do not have USB - I am using them as AiMesh Nodes.
AX56U have 2 in EU
Yes correct, the AX55U(NON-CHINESE version) with 4 antennae, has got no USB 3 ports nor USB 2 either but it uses less power 12V @ 1A,
and you don't get the full version of AiProtection feature- it is only a basic version

But the usual customer on the street, does not know the full spec, from the 1st look, if you are the customer, you might buy the
router with the most antenna.

Actually both model has the same number of antenna 2x2 for 2.4GHz & 2x2 for 5GHz.

Except that AX56U which has 2 antennae, but they are shared with 2.4GHz & 5GHz bands.
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