Australia not supported on AX11000?


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You couldn't find Strine in the language list?


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Why my ax11000 doesn't support Australia

Hi, I recently got a AX11000 too and I'm located in Oz.

Do you mean you can't select region in wireless settings?
What problem are you having because of it?

Having seen this I wondered if I had set the wireless region last time I reset to defaults, as I normally do,
and now I can't find the drop down to select it. Pretty sure it was under the Wireless->Professional tab.

Puzzling, and I see I'm missing 2.4Ghz channel 13 so it isn't being automatically set correctly, but no
great loss there, and I think the 5GHz channel range, including DFS channels, is the same for quite a
number of regions so that might not be a problem either.

*Sigh* ... I guess I'll need to check ...



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I would also like to add that I'm sure I set the region on my AX11000 at least once and I've only updated the firmware once since I've had it. So it was there at some point.


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Go back to previous firmware and it will be in prof-tab again.
They change region settings and supported languages sometimes (mostly limiting) - dont know what they are smoking.
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