Ausus router every day disconnects after ipvanish installed as a VPN


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Hi there, I have setup IPVanish on my Asus RT-AX88u with the latest merlin firmware. All worked fine but after a day or two it would disable access to the internet, router shows I have internet from ISP but past that nothing. I’d either have to restart the router or disable the VPN on the router for it to work again! Any clues my please? I have used latest OPVN file and cert. from IPVanish site. I followed Troypoint's instructions on setting this up.
Cheers and thank you


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We minimally need to see the syslog to see why it stopped. Sometimes VPN providers force the connection to quit w/ an AUTH FAIL (presumably as a crude form of server management). When that happens, it kills the OpenVPN client process entirely, and the router is unaware of it, so it never restarts it. And if you have the killswitch enabled as well, then of course, there's no internet access at all.

But again, we can't tell what's happening w/o the syslog. The above is only speculation at this point. It could be something else entirely.


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Thank you for that, makes sense to a point, will get the logs and see,
Cheers, thanks again for the quick reply, appreciate it.

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VPN's can be funny little creatures.

First off if you have a significant ISP plan switching to a provider with wireguard as an option will improve your speeds compared to OVPN.

Also, using the VPN client on your PC / Phone directly will result in better speeds as well.


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Hi, I have been reading around the traps that upgrading to a newer FW you should reset to factory the router first!
Looks like since I installed merlin a while ago I have been doing the so called dirty way!!!
So, could this maybe causing my issue? Also last night I saw a new FW version and did the upgrade the dirty way.
Now, should I try the clean way? All seems to be working fine, but I did notice after the upgrade it only took a few hours before I lost internet.
If you suggest to redo everything, just a quick recap of the procedure would be helpful.
Cheers and thanks again.


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It's always better to start w/ a clean slate, esp. once you starting have issues. Then you're working from a known good state. So it's certainly NOT going to hurt.

What I recommend for anyone having problems w/ keeping the OpenVPN client(s) up and running is to install my OpenVPN client watchdog.

Even if you aren't having problems, it does no harm. But if you have an unexpected failure (maybe the tunnel just stops responding for unexplained reasons), at least it will reestablish the OpenVPN client automatically.

Granted, OpenVPN has built-in features to restart a connection under certain circumstances (e.g, the keepalive directive). But it's NOT always reliable. And it can't restart a completely failed connection; one that has actually caused the OpenVPN process itself to exit.


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