Automation to disable / enable VPN Client on ASUS AX88U with Merlin


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I'm about to setup a Xioami button that upon click should enable disable a VPN Client on the router settings. I use an IPTV server that at times gets blocked and I need VPN on the TV. This profile is using NordVPN and only setting the VPN active to the TV IP. I want a system that my wife can use if Netflix or another app on the TV doesn't work because of the VPN, or even to myself if I want to watch a game on the telly and I can't without reaching to the laptop.

So in the end my question is: is there an API or command, or configuration file I can change to toggle that setting below from ON to OFF and vice-versa?


Thank you in advance, SLP.


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There is no remote API but you could probably work out how to do it by logging into the router through SSH and issuing some commands. Can your Xioami button do that?


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I can code this, through my home automation the question is:

> and issuing some commands

What commands would these be? I just don't know of a programatic way to change that setting.
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yep, so the commands are:

service start_vpnclient1

service stop_vpnclient1

and it works like a charm! Thanks for the help.


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Did you end up writing a script or something for the automation? Searching for something similar myself.

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