"Available Network Folders" in USB Storage (Advanced Settings)

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Hi all,

In the USB Storage (Advanced Settings) page, there is a section which implies that my attached harddrive has been assigned the letter U:\ and as such I was expecting it to appear in Windows Explorer on my PC as such. But no - the only way I seem to be able to access the drive from Windows is by opening it up in Network Locations.

It's not exactly a big deal, but it would be quite nice if I could access the drive from U:\

Anyone else had success (or difficulty?) doing it this way?



R. Gerrits

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I agree it is a bit of a confusing thing by Netgear, but that folder name indicates which folder on the USB stick is being shared as that particular share.

Folder name U:\ thus means that the entire USB disk is shared. But if you want, you could for instance also only share optware, and then the name would be U:\optware.

I guess they choose U: as an abreviation for USB.
But perhaps it would have been more logical if they had named it "Shared folder" and shown it has USB1:\ (or USB1:\optware) or something like that.
(also wonder what happens if you have 2 USB sticks inserted, or multiple partitions on the USB stick. Would it then also show V: in the folder browser?)

If you want to map it on Windows as U:, you are ofcourse free to do so... But the router cannot automatically do this...

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