Ax devices on my AX11000

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Ok so I eventually picked up one or two wifi 6 devices, an iPhone 11 and the new iPhone SE.
I have always had AX enabled on my WiFi and have yet to notice any difference in speeds compared to my older devices.

reading up on the iPhone 11 I have seen people get speeds of over 500 on AC routers and more in AX.

I have the 160mhz band open on one of my 5ghz channels and that’s the one I’m testing on but have noticed no difference. Is there a particular way to set the router up for these kind of speeds?
it’s the ROG Rapture GT AX 11000 I have and thought that going for this would future proof my WiFi as I started to bring newer devices into the house.

has anyone got AX speeds with similar devices?


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Yes I’ve just set up pair of XT8’s on latest prod firmware and with my iPhone 11 Pro I’ve found on my main network (smart connect 2.4GHz and 5GHz-1) I can max out at around 400-420Mbps doing an internet speed test (I have a cable “500Mbps” link) but when I connect to the separate wireless 5GHz-2 band (I have wired backhaul, 5GHz-2 is auto not forced to 160Mhz) it was saturating the internet connection at peaking c. 540Mbps. So yes some difference, I will sort out an internal speed test later from my intranet to try push it further. That’s c. 5m from one of the XT8s (either master or slave in mesh).


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I have the Netgear RAX200, which is Netgear's version of the AX11000 minus the gaming features. This is what speeds i'm seeing on my 1 Gigabit FTTH line:

iPhone 12 Pro (2x2 AX)

iPhone X (2x2 AC)


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Surely I should be getting much better speeds. The only thing I’m thinking of doing is switching back to smart connect and see if that makes any difference. No other WiFi settings have been changed except separating the WiFi bands and manually setting the channels.

I pride myself on having the best routers and feel a bit deflated now to be honest


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I don't see why smart connect would improve speeds. I have it switched off on my RAX200.

If its any consolation, spending top bucks on the latest & greatest Asus AX router is no guarantee that it will be the best. I also tried the Asus RT-AX89X but found my Netgear RAX200 was better for wifi coverage & speeds. Maybe get rid of your Asus and buy the Netgear RAX200?


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Ok so I was testing speed on the app and was never getting much over 250, tried the app and downstairs on the same floor as the router I’m maxing my piped in speed at 500.

I’m happy with that!

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