AX Router for a small appartment

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so i just moved into a small 1 BR appartment with a balcony and was looking to get an AX router as i have plenty of IT stuff going on here, including but not limited to a Gaming PC, mining RIG, Gaming Laptops and would like to stream on my LED, i also will have a 200 Mbps broadband connection, what AX Router do you guys recommend ? the coverage area is no huge its only an appartment but id like to get the fastest AX router for my apartment, recommendations apprecaited... thanks,


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Small APT all you will need is a AX58U. Anything more and you wont notice much bang for the buck.


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Small APT all you will need is a AX58U. Anything more and you wont notice much bang for the buck.

this router u recommended has no AC support ?!?!

also it supports
802.11ax (2.4GHz): up to 574 Mbps
802.11ax (5GHz): up to 2402 Mbps

while the AX86U supports almost double the speed:
802.11ax (5GHz): up to 4804 Mbps

and the AX89X (probably a premium more expensive router) supports:
802.11ax (2.4GHz): up to 1148 Mbps
802.11ax (5GHz): up to 4804 Mbps

am in a small apartment YES
but i need something that supports fastest 5 Ghz and 2.4 GHz speeds when connected on a single client, the one u recommended seems lacking ! just because having a smaller house doesnt mean u need to settle to slower router/bandwidth/throughput,

last time i checked here on SNB members recommended me the AX88u is that still a valid option or is it oudated model ??...


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