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AX WireGuard Speed

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I have a multi-site VPN using OpenVPN on 3xG2900's and one AC3100.
AC3100 doesn't support WireGuard, and its 10 years old, so I am thinking of upgrading. I'm considering the GT-AX11000 Pro, but also learned about the Flint 2 high-speed WireGuard

Anyone uses the AX11000 Pro with WG and can share speed/experience?

I have seen this below but do not assume the Pro and non-pro are the same, unless someone tells me otherwise. Additionally, I think Flow Cache was enabled to work with HW acceleration since this thread was answered.
running off the router you will not get great speeds I have the 1100 pro but run vpn with wireguard on the clients , getting well over 500Mbps

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