AX11000 Ethernet and Wifi Slowdown bug?

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Hello all, I just set up AX11000 with my AC3100 using a MoCA+Ethernet backhaul in a AIMesh network. It works great except recently my devices on both Ethernet and Wifi get dramatically reduced speeds. Rebooting the AX11000 router resolved this for the day. Similarly, rebooting my Android TV that also is connected to Ethernet resolved the slowdown, but only for few minutes. QOS is turned on, as is 160 Hz, etc.

Is this a known issue? Anything I should be aware of such as upgraded firmware or settings we should turn off due to immature features?



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I've picked up the GT-ax11000 and im not 100% pleased with it. In the beginning, it worked great - great speeds and options (NAS, icloud, ...) But then it started rebooting itself from time to time... spoke w\support(less) and they suggested either sending it back in or perform a factory reset. I chose the reset but that was a band-aid on a bullet wound. I then updated the firmware to the latest and that helped a bit - DIDN'T FIX THE PROBLEM tho... let's just say that the reboots occur less frequently. Until recently...
I'm using the 11000 alone as well (no mesh) and i've recently discovered the same issue. From time to time, my network would run dismally slow. Thought it was my ISP but when i tried to log into my router's admin page, it literally took minutes just to log in and have the main page load up. Basic troubleshooting shows that it doesn't appear to be a networking issue. But when i try to reboot the router from the admin page, all that happens is, i get logged off that page and no reboot happens. I physically have to power the stoopid router off and back on. But when i do that, the router starts behaving as expected.
its funny how a speedtest before the reboot can show you such a slow result, but after a reboot, the speedtests are 10x faster?!?

My gut feeling is, this is the same problem this entire time. Where before the router would reboot, after the firmware update, something is causing the router to use up all of it's resources. but instead of rebooting, it hangs on... until you reboot it yourself.

again, expected A LOT MORE for a router the cost of a car payment.


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I also have this router but I also have the GT-AC5300. One thing that I noticed with both routers, is that when you play with the Wifi setting the routers are behaving like you described. Tip: don’t use QOS, it slows the speed.


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Thanks for the response, Sjekke... I know that if I did play w/the settings, it was a while ago... and that my current problem started less than a month ago. I may try a factory reset just to confirm any option I had played around with. But I can tell you that QOS is disabled on my router.... but again, thanks for the response.

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