AX11000 Latest FW - Bell Fibe TV App stopped working on all platforms


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Hi all,

Since upgrading to the latest firmware from 41994 to 45934, my Bell Fibe TV App (Provider Streaming App) live tv streaming stopped working on wifi, giving me a 1009/18 error, which I can’t find any details on internet. The AX11000 is connected to the Bell Home 3000 router through DMZ/Advanced DMZ enabled. When I use the Bell Home 3000 router Wifi, both nvidia Shield 2017, 2019, Firestick 4K and my iPad works fine with the streaming app. The AX11000 seems to be the culprit, but I dont know which possible settings I’d need to change to make it work again.

I also rollback the firmware to 41994, but I wanted to find which firmware this issue started to appear and no success. Once I reverted back to 41994, now I can’t get the Bell Fibe App to stream anymore on all platforms. Bell couldn’t help me so far even though I spent many hours over the phone with them.

anyone would have an idea?



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Applying the latest firmware may have flipped a default. If you have a saved configuration file that matches your previous firmware that worked, I'd try loading that. If that doesn't work, then a reset and manual configuration may be the next step. You may find that the latest firmware also works with a reset and manual config .... Stranger things have happened. :)

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