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AX11000 OpenVPN Server Routing Client to Lan


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After playing with the Openvpn server settings in the router I finaly figured out how to get client to lan network working with ease. Prior to this I could connect to the lan but couldn't access or ping any machines on my local network from a VPNclient connection.

I am using a GL-AR750s as a Openvpn Client to my AX1100 router. I had to modify the the firewall settings in the adavanced settings of this router. See attached picture.

To setup the routing to reach your local network from a client you need to go to the advanced settings, and turn on these settings.

Push lan to clients = Yes

Redirect client to redirect internet trafic = yes if you want the client to use the internet from the router.

manage client specific options = yes
allows client config file to work with custom settings

allow client to client = yes
most important part

allow only specified client = no

This part is how you setup the routing:
In the allowed client box in the bottom click the + add button
make a client called: client

The subnet is what IP address or IP range will be routed to you local lan. For example my GL-AR750s openvpn router has a lan dhcp server address of I set the subnet for client as and net mask of So any IP address in the 192.168.8.* can reach my local network.

You can add another route by following the above instructions but use client1 instead of client.

Hope this helps someone took me awhile to figure it out. I dont know if you can add more clients in the command line of the router to modify the vpn server config to add more then the client and client1.

Also make sure to setup a user name and password in the general OpenVPN settings or use the admin name and pawword.

I attached a settings screen shot of how a setup my routing.

Also once you connect with a vpn client you should see the route created in the general log and also if you look in the routing log you should see the routing to your local network from the ip or ip-range you specified in the client or client1 subnet field.


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