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AX11000Pro with GT6 wireless backhaul question ( MAC address)

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recently I upgrade my remote node to GT6 from XT8, and noticed the wireless backhaul has werid/mismatch MAC address issue, and am wondering if this is firmare issue. I have latest firmare downloaded from Asus website for GT6, and I have also tried latest firmawre from Asus website and Merlin build, but I could still see the issue.

I have AX11000Pro wireless backhaul with GT6 under 5G-2 UNII-4 channel , from the system log--Wireless log, it shows my devices are useing 5G-2 radio (22:68 and F9:38 are 5G-2 radio) for wireless backhual


However, when I check AIMESH tab, it says I am using 2.4G for wireless backhaul while the Backhaul information says wireless--5Ghz, and Mac Address (96:B0) is actually 2.4G radio mac address.


under the wireless 2.4G log, it says the 96:B0 is the AX11000Pro 2.4G radio, then I also notice there are other 2 Mac address 22:61 ( GT6 2.4G radio) and F9:31( GT6 2.4G radio) are connected to the AX11000Pro


Right now I am scratching my head and wondering what is happening here, but I never see this issue when I have AX11000Pro wireless mesh with XT8.

The GT6s were reset before connected as nodes and I did not reset my AX11000Pro because it was working good with XT8s.

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