AX55 or AX56U as AiMesh node

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New Around Here
Hi everyone,

I currently have an AX58U with a LYRA AC2200 as an AiMesh node.

I'd like to upgrade the Lyra to enable Wifi 6 throughout my home (the mobile devices in the house can take advantage of this) and I believe it's unlikely the Lyra will ever get any upgrade to AiMesh 2.0. So, I'm looking at the AX56U and the fairly new AX55. The AX55 has half the RAM and storage of the AX56U. My question is, does the RAM and storage make that much difference to a node? I've seen posts here suggesting that it's more of a benefit for the main router. If it doesn't, I would probably get the AX55. I know the AX56 has Merlin support, which is one other advantage, although I'm running stock firmware at the moment anyway.

Thanks for any input!

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