AX56U/AC86U/AX58U - Best Future-Proof

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Hi, i wanna buy a new router and wanna use Asuswrt-Merlin, i dont have any special needs, 3 Android Phones, 2 TVs and 12 iot devices, i can get:
AX56U - 90€
AC86U - 110€
AX58U - 130€

I don't have any wifi 6 device, don't play games online or do massive downloads and AX56U seems pretty good at the price but i'm afraid of the lack of support and ever merlin is still in 384.18, is that a bad sign? The 40€ difference on the AX Devices is almost 1/2 AX56U :p.

Working at home and i need to buy asap, any help?

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RT-AC86U is the most powerful router in your group of choices. At that price, you can't go wrong.

Will run your network smoother than either of the other two.

Even the Alpha 3 firmware is running very stable for me if you're adventurous enough. :)

If you can afford the time and the temporary load on your Visa, buy both the RT-AC86U and the RT-AX58U and see for yourself in your own network which one is superior.


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To be honest when i saw the price i buy it immediately, i don't get it delivered so i can buy another one and refuse/return it. My main concern is the support is a Router from 2017 and i always get screwed when i buy "old" devices.

Thanks for your opinion.


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Yes, it is not the newest kid on the block anymore, but like a 30-year-old in his prime; proven, known, and still able to hit above the current entry level offers. :)


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Go for the AC86U. Compare the specs and you will see that the AC86U has more radios than the others. If you do not need AX, don't.

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