AX56U IPv6 DNS settings not picked up


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I got myself an AX56U to replace my ISP router and today I configured IPv6. It all works fine except one thing; the DNS settings. I configured it to use Cloudflare DNS but when running nslookup from my desktop PC I can see it defaults to my ISP DNS.



The strange thing is that when I manually restart dnsmasq on the router it actually does work! However, if a reboot the router it again uses the ISP DNS. Any idea how this is possible? I'm using the latest Asus firmware I also tried the latest (Beta) Merlin to see if that made a difference but sadly it doesn't.


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I stand corrected. After flashing Merlin firmware it does seem to work. Based on the logfiles it seems that firmware actually restarts dnsmasq some time after the router has booted which fixes the issue I had. This does still mean that on the stock firmware this issue is present.

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