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AX56U - Slow download speeds with AX200 adapter(but upload is OK)


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I have just upgraded AC wifi card in my notebook to AX one(Intel ax200)
result: ~450mbit download and 800mbit upload

Shouldnt be download same as upload? even AC routers have better downlad than this...

Any idea what to look for?

Windows shows that connection as 1.2Gbit, same as wireless log in asus


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Is the notebook plugged into AC power and in High-Performance mode? Are you testing between 10 feet and 30 feet from the router (line-of-sight)? Do you have the latest drivers for the WiFi adaptor installed? Have you rebooted your notebook?

Have you tried setting the router's 5GHz band to 160MHz width? Have you tried a different Control Channel?

Have you tried any of the appropriate tests in the link below?



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Yes, yes, yes, yes, its 80MHz router only and yes

I am going to try different notebook


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so it works fine in another notebook, download and upload both around 800mbit

probably old latitude e5250 just wasnt powerful egnouht to handle these speeds

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