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AX58U 5Ghz problem

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[I bought this router from UAE and I use it in Pakistan, fyr]

I have an Asus RT-AX58u for my office with separate SSID for 2.4 & 5. The 2.4Ghz SSID works fine on all devices(PC, macbook pro, iPhone, Android etc) but the 5ghz SSID only shows up on one device i.e. my HP Laptop . The Channel is set to Auto (and it selects 36 mostly). Max channel it shows for me 144.

Now I have recently flashed Merlin firmware on it, the above issue with 5Ghz SSID persists.

Help is appreciated in resolving the 5Ghz matter, thanks!

1st Update:
I selected 80mhz bandwith for 5Ghz and Channel 128. It is now showing up on Windows 11 Hp(2019) and MBpro(2019). But still not showing up on phones(iphone13pro, pixel 5, vivo and others) and other computers. Any ideas, why this could be?

(I have a TPlink router at home with separate SSID for 5gz and 2.4ghz and they show up fine on most/or all devices at home)
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This is a known problem for mobile devices.

Routers bought in the UAE appear to not support channels 149 to 165. See this post.

It is illegal to use channels 36 to 144 in Pakistan. Mobile devices determine their country location from the cellular network and will only support channels 149 to 165. See this post.

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