AX6000/AX-88U Supported?


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Getting a 2 day used one for $230, making sure its worth and used with Merlin. Just confused with AX6000 wording on it
Currently using AC-86U, hoping to use that as mesh instead of AC-68U still in return window from Amazon ( purchased for $170 w/ taxes )

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The AX88U is indeed fully supported by Merlin.


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The AX88U is indeed fully supported by Merlin.
Damn, seller sold it already

how abt AX92U



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how abt AX92U

RT-AX92U is older model 3-radio router with single AX radio. It had no firmware update for a long time, comes often on sale or liquidation price. Perhaps EOL product soon. Stores are clearing old stock.


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AX88u on Amazon US used is $196, with 30 day return. Not sure the 86U is much of an advantage over the 68U as a mesh node if you have wired backhaul.

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