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AX6600 WAN speed to BGW-320 - Is it possible?

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ATT bgw320-500 running software version: 3.20.5
ASUS ZenWiFi AX-6600 running:

I’m attached to AT&T Internet 2.5 Gbps with the BGW320 running in IP Passthrough model. I have attached the changes to BGW below. I’m getting a consistent 2.5 Gbps UP and DOWN running speed test on the BGW. I have the BGW connected to the Asus AX router with a Cat 7. ( 3 foot cable). I’ve also tried Cat 5e that was included in the box. I’m successfully connecting to Internet and see the Asus Green 2.5 GPS WAN port in GREEN status on the gui.

Any ideas on how I can bring the throughput on the Asus more in line to what I’m seeing on the AT&T device? Is it possible to utilize 2.5 Gbps on the WAN ethernet?


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Don't look at Asuswrt built-in speed test. It may be CPU limited depending on options you have enabled in firmware.
This is a new install so I can work on getting a macbook and windows devices ethernet attached to the AX and run speed test from there. I will also attempt to get my WiFi setup and start streaming my Rokus to try and drive the Internet connection. If anyone has suggestions on how I can best test throughput from AX-6600 to BGW320 before I start tuning the devices for WiFi I'm open to suggestions. I just didn't want to go to far if I can't get the AX-6600 to push the proper bandwidth to Internet. Thanks.
Don't get stressed out or obsessed by speed test results, please. Just connect your router and use it. Enjoy your life after and don't do perpetual tuning or adjusting - not needed. Half of troubleshooting on this forum is speed test related. Don't join this group - it's large enough already. :)
This router's hardware is up to 2.5GbE, but not 2.5GbE guaranteed. Your ISP line is up to 2.5Gbps and also not 2.5Gbps guaranteed perhaps. It's shared between subscribers. On your Asus router the throughput depends on what options you enable in firmware. The real CPU capability is about 400Mbps only, everything above is NAT acceleration techniques. If you avoid options incompatible with NAT acceleration - you're fine. You don't need QoS on this ISP line, don't use any bandwidth limiters, don't go crazy with VPN clients. You can use AiProtection if you want to, Bandwidth Analyzer, Web History... normal stuff. Even though it may not reach full 2.5GbE speeds - you've got this router for firmware options and better Wi-Fi. You'll see no difference in Internet experience between 1.5Gbps and 2.5Gbps, you may not even notice the speed fluctuations unless you download something from a known fast server. Web surfing is all the same >150Mbps. HD streaming is all the same >50Mbps per stream. You have plenty of bandwidth. My advice is practical. Enjoy your fast ISP line and your new router. Enjoy the summer. No one has great memories from an ISP modem or home router.
I'm trying to setup once so I can enjoy the summer! I'm also trying to use standard settings and not try and over think the setup. Right now I have no QoS policy in place and No VPNS. My complexity comes in having 3 AX600 running in mesh. I was attempting to problem solve from Internet into WiFi network but given feedback above maybe I should look at the root of problem. I have things stable and running with WiFi split. Right now all devices are on 2.4 GHz; My primary focus has been getting 3 children XBOX/Playstation 5 up and running. I moved those 3 devices to the 5 GHz-1 and have fairly descent feedback from 2 of 3 kids. My son who play MLB show is claiming "glitch/chop" when a batter hits the ball. When looking at all the data the only thing I can see is potentially higher latency at times. He is over 150Mbps throughput and sometimes gets close to 300Mbps. Any suggestions would be great appreciated.

Config changes from default:

  1. Go to the “WAN” tab and assign DNS server -> manually add cloud flare and
  2. Go to the “Wireless” tab and set following for 2.4 GHz:
    1. SSID -> XXXXXXX
    2. Wireless Mode -> Disable 802.11b
    3. Channel bandwidth -> 20 MHz
    4. Control Channel -> 06
  3. Go to the “Wireless” tab and set following for 5 GHz-1:
    1. SSID -> XXXXXXX_5G
    2. Wireless Mode -> N/AC/AX mixed
    3. Channel bandwidth -> 80 MHz
  4. Go to the “Wireless” tab and set following for 5 GHz-2:
    1. SSID -> XXXXXXX_5G-2
    2. Channel bandwidth -> 160 MHz
    3. Control Channel -> 149 and verify boxes are NOT checked for auto select DFS/U-NII-4
  5. Go to the “LAN” and Host Name -> ZenWiFi_XT8-MASTER
  6. Go to the “Wireless” -> “Professional” tab and disable Universal Beamforming on ALL Bands
  7. Go to the “AiMesh” -> “Management” click on all Nodes separately and set Backhaul Connection Priority -> 5GHz-2 WiFi First
  8. Go to the “AiMesh” -> “Management” click on all Nodes separately and set Preferred WiFi Uplink AP -> ZenWifi AX MASTER
Okay, this new information changes the case - you have 3x routers and not just one. I'll be straigt honest with you - I have purchased recently one XT8 for a friend and it works fine as single router. It was purchased only because of the way it looks - high wife acceptance factor. If he needed 3x units though I would never purchase XT8 because it's way overpriced for what it is and with long history of firmware issues in AiMesh configuration. Folks around hunt for good XT8 AiMesh firmware for quite some time. Your chances to get 2.5Gbps speeds with this setup across your network are close to none. You're paying for ISP service you can't actually use. About Wi-Fi settings - no universal best settings. You have to find what works best in your Wi-Fi environment.
I just purchased on Monday; I can always take back. I do like the gui interface and the ability to separate my ever growing list of IoT devices. Any suggestions to get best bang for buck on reliable setup and adequate performance? I'm looking for something that covers 8000 sq feet, 3 floors. Kids are upstairs and each have gaming systems. Multiple streaming TVs on the middle and lower floors. Otherwise it's a growing list of 2.4 Ghz IoT devices. Really appreciate guidance.
Wait for some XT8 users to share experience with newer firmware versions first or ask for advice in firmware release threads. This set is not one of the popular choices around, unfortunately. I can't recommend any wireless AiMesh setup. Too many variables to make it work right. If you want something high performance for wireless "mesh" you need expensive 3-band models. I would explore wired options instead and look for different equipment with more expansion options. Home "mesh" systems are dead end disposable solution with too much marketing and false advertisement involved.
Can you provide a few recommendations I can research or which forum to join that moves me away from MESH? I don't require mesh except thought it was the easier set and forget solution.
You can set it, but won't forget it. It will remind you for its presence. For such a large (and I'm assuming expensive) house I would research wired options and move to small business equipment with the number of Access Points needed. This is the set and forget solution especially if you plan adding many more IoT devices and wireless users. If you don't feel like doing a project like this yourself - hire professionals to do it for you. It will be more expensive, but guaranteed solution. It will be expandable too. One day you may want PoE powered IP cameras on a separate network, for example. You plan for the future not with latest Wi-Fi technology, but with infrastructure, expandability and upgradeability. If you want to go cheaper with consumer sets - get ready for many trial and error, purchased and returned hardware, wasted time and family complaints. It's up to you. I don't know how much is your time worth.

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